Mind Control MK Ultra Info For TIs/Victims/Test Subjects

Effects/Possible Technology of Electronic Mind Control/Behavior Control that the Test Subject experiences.

The Above Picture is an Implant recovered, on the lower right of the
Picture, is the same Implant compared to a Penny to show how
small it was.
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Autopig:       a Essay on   computerized audio repeating phrases that will interact with the mind.
Written by a PhD in Computer Science and  a Masters' in Mathematics.

Nonsense give insight into the psychological  Mechanics with an Altered state in conjunction with word,
word paring and how a string or sequence can effect/Program the TI/Victim/Survivor.
NeuroPhone:  This Information  says it totally By-passes  all th elements of the ear,
and goes directly to the Brain/CNS. NeuroPhone  puts sound directly in the head,
using Electrodes, does it have the potential of being applied to those nasty Implants?
Could this be  Miniaturized ????

This Device is sold as the NeuroPhone. It is a Newer Believed to be a Modified Version
of what is described in the  link. The writer Here does not Imply, Believe, or think that
this is a Mind control device that is being used on Test Subjects.
Merely Pointing out that a Possible 'Modification' of the Fundamental Tecchnolgy
that could be used to Introduce Audio, Information, Brain Entrainment(strobing Effect),
to a Person. Now there is controversy  on how this works, it might be able
to be fed right  into, basically,  anything which contains nerves (not just electrodes placed
near or on the head)
One Customer on an amazon.com reported that it could be heard with Electrodes
placed on hands.

'The Neurophone is an electronic telepathy machine. Several tests prove that it bypasses the eighth cranial nerve, the hearing nerve, and transmits sound directly to the brain. This means that the Neurophone stimulates perception through a seventh or alternative sense.

All hearing aids stimulate tiny bones in the middle ear. Sometimes when the eardrum is damaged, the bones of the inner ear are stimulated by a vibrator that is placed behind the ear on the base of the skull. Bone conduction will even work through the teeth. In order for bone conduction to work, the cochlea or inner e..."
Dr. Patrick Flanagan and Gael Crystal Flanagan.

Dave Larson's Medical Report:

Medical Report from the Doctor that removed the implants,
where 'Dave' states that he was assaulted by the Implantors .


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Two Audio files. "breath..." is  what the MC/MK sounds like. This sound was Made with a bottle,(To reproduce the sound)
This closest reproduction of what the noise sounds like
 Plus A little autopig in the Mix. This was made by a Victim
Steve X.

Now. "ath 50..." was made by Radio Detection.
A NearField RF Meter that goes from 5 Hertz-2.8 GHz.
This was picked up by a meter + Audio Det Stage.
It may be luck, It may be noise, No one yet has
denied it. Meaning it was noise, feedback from the radio
Detection unit, meaning Pros' can't give me a Definitive
answer. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (T.S.C.M.)

What this means "they" the torturers, Experimenters are using is unknown.
Some think it may be an Implant(some implants have been recovered)
or Undetectable means of transmission. Either way it is done in a covert
manner to avoid detection. But if it induces a change in the body,
motor-boating in the ear, vibrating in the body, maybe that change can be measured.

Bottom Line a NearField Meter with Audio in the Low Hertz
Range 5+Hz.  

An Effect reported by Victims Motorboating.
In Conjuction with the high pitched whine Ringing in the ears,
or Artificial Tinitus


More info. ath-50 has the capability with an audio tap added to it, it can pick up Freq as low a Five Hertz.

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